Thrice to Rome – canon law play by Professor Norman Doe

September 9, 2023

The first performance of a dramatisation of the three appearances of Gerald of Wales in Rome before the court of Pope Innocent III in 1201-03 has been announced. It is based on Gerald’s own accounts of the trials, dramatised in English by Prof Norman Doe, Director of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University.

The play will take place at St David’s Cathedral, Wales, on Friday 6 October at 7pm. Tickets can be bought here:

The cast of this first performance of Thrice to Rome is made up of a group of current canon lawyers, joined by staff of St Davids Cathedral. This event in St Davids Cathedral marks the 800th anniversary of the death of Gerald in 1223.

Please note this event is not organized by the ELS, and all queries should be directed via Eventbrite at the link above, or to St David’s Cathedral.