1. Training events

Our main focus at the moment is on those who offer training sessions in church law to curates, parish priests, churchwardens and others.

Several successful training days have been held each year since 2016, drawing together chancellors, registrars, archdeacons and representatives from theological education.

Further conferences are planned for all those responsible for encouraging, enabling and supporting the vocation and ministry of Churchwardens in today’s church. You can see further information and book a place on our events page.

2. Presentations for Training

We have begun compiling training presentations which can be used as the resources for those involved in ecclesiastical law training.

3. Ecclesiastical Law Curriculum

In 2020 we launched two new curricula to assist with training in Ecclesiastical Law – both for clergy and for lay people within the Church. Resources to support the curricula are planned.

The ELS London Lectures are always convivial and thought provoking, the Journal is of real value and the regular newsletters are most helpful.
Ian Blaney

Partner, Lee Bolton Monier-Williams