Provision of Training in Canon Law – Questionnaire July 2020

  • The Ecclesiastical Law Society is primarily an educational charity which, amongst other things, aims to provide both education and training in Canon Law. In order that we might develop our resources to better serve the Church in its mission we would like to discover what training is offered in this subject within dioceses.

    At this stage the questionnaire is limited to Church of England dioceses. If you are in a position to answer for more than one diocese, please fill in this form separately for each diocese. Those whose discipleship is exercised in other ecclesial communions and Anglicans in other parts of the world are asked to bear with the Society as it begins this exploration. The Trustees will attend to the results of this enquiry and then consider whether it should be widened and, if so, in what form.

    By filling in this form you indicate your consent for us to contact you in order to ask follow-up questions. Our privacy policy can be found in the link "Privacy & Cookies" at the foot of the page.

    This questionnaire will be open until 31 July.

    Thank you for assisting the Society in this important work!
  • Repository of Resources

  • To guide the work of our Education Committee, the Society is hoping to build up a repository of resources currently used in the dioceses. For this purposes we would like to see samples of materials.

    Who would be the best person for us to contact in your diocese to ask about obtaining these?