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List of Cases

Preface to the consolidated index

Alphabetical List of Cases (Vol 1-20)
Chronological List of Cases (Vol 1-20)
Table of Abbreviations (Vol 1-20)
Citations for Reported Cases (Vol 1-20)
Table of Cases Referred to (Vol 1-20)
Table of Statutes and Measures (Vol 1-20)
Table of Statutory Instruments(Vol 1-20)
Consolidated Index (Vol 1-20)

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We offer a distance service via fax or post for photocopies of judgments. We will fax a photocopy declaration form, which must be signed and filled in with details of photocopying required. When that is faxed back to us we can photocopy and fax or post judgments at a cost of:-

By post – 25 p per sheet
Fax – inner London £1.00 per sheet
Fax – outer London 60p per sheet
Fax – provinces 70p per sheet
Fax – overseas £1.00 per sheet

There is an additional administration charge of £4.00 and £2.00 for each subsequent item per transaction plus VAT An invoice with VAT charged separately will be sent with the copies.

Users of the library are able to photocopy items themselves on one of the library’s three photocopiers at a cost of 10p per sheet.