Law Commission to look at burial & cremation law

December 14, 2017

In October 2016, a working party of the Society made a response to the Law Commission’s Consultation Paper: ‘Burial and cremation: Is the law governing burial and cremation fit for modern conditions?’. The working party concluded that it was not – and that it would strongly support the inclusion of burial and cremation law in England and Wales in the Law Commission’s 13th Programme of Law Reform. It did, however, suggest that, given that there are a number of unresolved current issues, particularly in relation to cremation, it would probably be more appropriate if the Commission tackled it towards the end of its work-cycle rather than at the beginning.

The Commission has now announced in an e-mail that it is to include a review of burial and cremation law in its next Work Programme, under the heading “A modern framework for disposing of the dead”.

Download Burial and cremation law response