This page provides a set of links to useful materials on the law of baptism in the Church of England.

Whereas it is hoped that these links will be of assistance to those applying the law in this area, each case has its own specific set of facts and so where ambiguities or uncertainties exist it is suggested that assistance may be sought from the relevant Diocesan Registrar. Contact details for your Diocesan Registrar can be found at



Legal Opinions of the Legal Advisory Commission of the Church of England

Books and Commentary

  • Hill, M. Ecclesiastical Law 4thedition(Oxford, 2018) 5.11-5.14.
  • Baptism, Canon Law and the Church from the Law & Religion UK blog – baptism of children from families who do not regularly attend church


  • Archdeacon of Cheltenham v Bland (1972) 1 All England Reports 1012 (minister’s refusal to baptize)
  • Re Holy Trinity Wandsworth [2012] 15 Ecc LJ 125 Southwark Cons Ct (number and location of fonts)
  • Re St. Peter Shipton Bellinger [2015] Winchester Const Ct (disposal of unwanted fonts)