Chairman’s New Year Message

December 31, 2017

The past year has been one of considerable activity and achievement ‎for the Ecclesiastical Law Society. We are fortunate to have serving on the committee many who have given tirelessly of their time and talents in the routine work of the Society – the Journal, the Newsletter, the Annual Conference, the London Lectures and much more – as well as the new initiatives we have put in place with the revamped Website, the governance review and the innovative work of the Education Sub-Committee allowing us to begin to deliver more fully on our charitable purpose of education in ecclesiastical law. On your behalf, I thank those who have worked so hard to such good effect.

The enhanced activities of the Society come at a cost and we are entirely reliant on our subscription income‎. At last year’s AGM in Cambridge I issued a challenge to every member to recruit one additional member. This, self-evidently, will double our membership. Not everyone has done so as yet, and I urge you please to make it one of your resolutions for 2018. There could be nothing more fitting for the Society as it enters its fourth decade than for its membership to reach four figures for the first time in its history.

Joining has never been easier, and the subscription remains a mere £40 pa (or £25 pa for students etc). It can be done on line in seconds here.

With my thanks for the support you continue to give the Society, and with my best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and litigious New Year.

Mark Hill